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tv   First Look  MSNBC  July 14, 2009 5:00am-5:30am EDT

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has the fassterve in ththhistorof professional tenn. so i've come to thihis court to challenge e his speeee ...on the iernet. ll be using the 3g t&t ptopconnect card. he won't. so i can book trel plans faster, check my accou balances faster. all on the go. i'm bill kurtis and i'm fastererhan andy roddick. (announce "switch to the tis fastest 3getwo" "and get the at& laptopconnect card forree".
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(announce "switch to the tis fastest 3getwo" you have questio. who can give you the financial advice you need? whe will you find ththe abily and resources to keep you ahead of ts rapidly evolving woror? thesese are totoh questions. that's why werorought together two of the momost powerful names in t industry. ininoducinmorgan stanley smith barney here to rethink wealth m managemenen to answer... yourur questio. morgan stanley sth bney. a new weal management firm
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a revolutionary in-wh booster that..... rks with your detergent to help remove tough stns. the fit time. coming to stores late july. get your dollar fififty coupont today!
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and it lets you dodo somprettyr incrediblele this.s.oupont you can cocopy a pho number... and paste i in a xt. you u can copyn article... and paste it in an e-ml. or you can copy a ma....
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d well, you get the ididea. py and paste, on ththiphonegs. the most powerful ipiphoneetet ♪s shoppi for ♪ which one's m- a cool convertible or suv ♪ ♪oo bad i didn't know credit was whack ♪ ♪ 'cause now i'm driviving off the lot in a used sub-cocot. ♪ ♪-r-r, that spells free credit report dot com, baby. ♪ ♪ saw the a on my tv ♪ tugug about going but s s lazy ♪ ♪ow instead of looking y and rollin' phat ♪ ♪ my legs are stiining to the vinyl ♪ ♪ f-r-e-e, that spells free- creditit rort t com, baby. ♪ enengi powers down ] gentlemen, you bookeke your hotels on o orbit well, the pre e we down, so y'r're algetting a check ananks. for the differencece. except f for you - you didn't't book wi orbitz, youe not getting a check. well, i i think wee all learned a valuab lesson today.
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good day, gentlelemen. thanks a lot. thank you. oducing hotel ice assurance, where if another bitz customer oks the same hotel foless, we send you a check for the differenceautomacally.
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